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Information about live betting at World Star Betting?

World Star Betting is an international brand with betting shops across Kenya. World Star Betting has made an important entrance in the Kenayan market lately and has been working hard to raise the position in the market even more at every opportunity. This betting company is a high-level betting company in terms of safety and quality .

Other Names

World Star Betting is the full name of the company, they are also known as WSBetting and WSB. All three names are the names of World Star Betting.

No Deposit or Withdraw fees

World Star betting, which accepts bets from Kenya, Malawi, Uganada and Turkey, can offer a wide range of sports betting services with mobile payments from Airtel and Safaricom. They refund your deposit and withdraw charges.

At World Star Betting, which is also very solid from live betting, you can bet on a wide variety of sports such as football, Basketball, Rugby and tennis. You can find the most popular live bets for Kenyan players.

To find the latest website address for World Star Betting you can always visit our site. We also provide information on various promotions, money transactions and the general structure of the site. You can also find articles that can help anyone who wants to register on the site.

Is World Star Betting a good site?

Entering among the most popular betting sites of recent World Star Betting, Kenya is on a very in serious rise. We recommend you sign up for this site.


  • Easy to use
  • A prominent live betting program
  • International competitions
  • Very reliable
  • Attractive odds



World Star Betting’s live betting is very easy to reach. It is simple to see the live bet button at the top when you enter the site. Once you click here, you have reached the live betting menu.

Here you can see the competition dates, different sports and betting odds. Since World Star Betting is also a high quality site, there are many kinds of live bets here as well. You can even bet on multiple bets, which have recently become famous.

Apart from these, you can use over 100 different bet types like double chance, number of goals, first half finish, second half finish and so on.

Looking at this part of the site you can see live events on the main page. You can check individual bets and schedules. With the calendar you can review the matches played now and shown here in the future.

In addition to football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, darts, cricket, handball or ice hockey events are included in the program. In this respect, there is a platform where no one can get bored. If you click on the bets, the coupon matches and rates on the right hand side will be added. Here you can set your coupon. You can enter a single, system or multiple bet, the amount of the bet and all the details  are shown.

You can also watch live updates with match figures, but we recommend you to watch the match directly. Only in this way can you look more closely at the actual trend.

You need to take a few minutes to review the offer on the site, but if you are really going to play, you should already be reviewing the site you are on. We recommend that you include this site in your list of sites to bet with.

World Star Betting Security and Design

Live Betting on the World Star Betting site is viewable in Opera Mini, Chrome and even UC browser so you can view on your mobile, tablet or online. This makes it easy to see the live bet menu.

At the top you will find the most popular sports betting, football . Under this you will see tennis, ice hockey and other sports in turn. Choose which day events you want to see on the upper right hand side. Here you can see today, tomorrow or all the competition.

For security reasons,World Star Betting is one of the best equipped sites. Using high level security systems especially for mobile payments,World Star Betting uses the encryption programs used by banks.

The World Star Betting team, which understands the suspicions and questions of the customers regarding security, has produced a system accordingly and has never had any problems with security until today.

Customer service

World Star Betting has a customer service team that works very fast and has detailed answers to all questions. If you want to access the Customer Service team via Facebook or What’s App you do not need to be a member.

You can get direct service by reaching live service in this way. Another service is email service. This way you can reach the World Star Betting team via email and forward your questions.

World Star Betting Bonus

We would like you to know that the World Star Betting betting site always generates a percentage gain in terms of bonus campaigns . In particular, the first deposit bonus of 20% is offered for new members on the site. You must deposit at least 100 KES to benefit from the campaign. You also need to open your account first time. You can always reach an advantageous position by looking at their site first as they offer a variety of options on your first deposit campaign, as well as on combinations, sports betting, free betting and casino bonuses.

Betting odds

Site betting rates are higher than other sites. The site is favored because of the odds, often offering the highest odds you can find for draws or away teams.

From time to time , offering high odds campaigns , it actually plans to have more customers with these campaigns.

World Star Betting Deposit / Withdrawals

World Star Betting allows you to deposit through Airtel and Safaricom. There is no charge to deposit money and any charges from Airtel or Safaricom will be refunded by World Star Betting.

You must pay attention to the limitations within the deposit methods. You can deposit at least 100 KES, maximum 20,000 KES per deposit.

World Star Betting Deposit

You can withdraw your money from your account by Safari Com or Airtel with no charge. Any money Airtel or Safari Com charge you will be refunded by World Star Betting.


As a summary, if you like live betting , you should definitely say that you must be a member of the World Star Betting site because this kind of service is rarely encountered in Kenya. Live betting markets are constantly being refreshed, and you can find live betting markets every day with great choices. If you are a customer who likes to make a bet, do not hesitate to become a member of World Star Betting!

World Star Betting – All Points: 5 out of 5

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