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What is the purpose of our site? First of all, we greet all of our readers. We, as a site team, have been in Kenya’s betting market for a long time and we keep a close watch on all developments. For this reason, we are trying to assist Kenyan gamblers with the experience we have.

We will try to help you and provide the best betting tips for you to find the perfect live betting site, which is the most used and popular betting type in our country.

live betting menu is offered on each of the sites shown and promoted here. The sites are a mixture of those based in Kenya and those that offer live betting in Kenya but are not based in Kenya.

We can assure you is we have reviewed every site and they all have offers, free bets and jackpots in Kenya and to Kenyan players.

I am sure we all know how live betting works and how it is played, but it is still worth explaining. Live betting is only possible during the match, before the match you can also bet on any event and this is called pre match betting.

For live betting in Kenya you create your betting coupon within the period of the match. You can add different variants to your voucher during the match.

We provide Jackpot information which is a great way to learn see the latest premier league football betting markets before you start live betting. We analyse all of the jackpots in Kenya and show you which have the biggest winning amounts along with much more.

We suggest you look at the sites below and choose the one you think will be best for you. There is no correct answer on which is the best company, use the detailed information we provide and make the best choice for you. We wish you good luck.